Rebella Art

Rebella Art

Zephyr Pedigree

Rebella Art was started in Norway year 2003 and has been developed for Rebella Art AS in 2018 and until today. We have the vision to be innovative and inspiring at the same time as we take care of good traditions and want to have a place that takes care of the human as a whole; body and soul. Therefore, we have created an oasis on our farm in the country with a short distance to Gardermoen where we grow organically, have animals and horses where the animals will be allowed to live happily, be well cared for and be in their right element.

We run breeding of Purebred Arabian horses with our own stallion. We rent out stables, have our own riding track in 60 x 20 M on the farm, endless with fantastic training trails out from the property.

Helle and Zephyr are novice qualified and ride International distance rides and wish even more good sponsors.

We have classic Pilates courses and several specific concepts with top instructor Helle Braaten with many years of experience and the possibility of private personal trainer hours for perfect results. Sale of skin care and spa of the best quality and we produce unique creative beautiful modern and inspiring art, photo, film and music. We work here with exciting concepts that are aimed at people and animals to promote quality of life and health.

We are concerned with good raw materials, promoting the vital in people and food as preventative medicine. We love the gourmet kitchen and that good food can be enjoyed, providing wellness, balance and good health. We welcome guests from all over the world for accommodation and visits to the farm on request where they can enjoy a private tranquil atmosphere with their own bedroom and a lovely large private bathroom. We also have a hot tub and outdoor swimming pool in the summer and arrival to the shallow sandy beach right by the property in idyllic harmonious nature in the countryside. There are endless hiking trails in the summer and ski runs in winter directly from the property. We think it is exciting with new technology, but at the same time we try to make sure that we are even better at taking care of the environment.

We also have a burning passion for preventive work against children through being able to be themselves and to strengthen their own self-esteem generally through art expressions, animals and nature. So, we are also open to making our farm available to organizations and others who wish to contribute with preventive measures for children and young people.

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